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Expertissim team wishes you a happy new year!

Friday, December 28th, 2012

Dear clients,

L'équipe d'Expertissim

Discover Expertissim team:

First row (from left to right, on their knees):
Yann Girault: Artistique Director
Harold Hessel: Fine Art expert (diploma of Commissaire-Priseur)
the peacock: taxidermy (available online)Sixtine de Lussac: Sales Representative
Claire de Barbuat: Head of Logistics & Distribution

Second row (rom left to right, sitting):
Marie-Antoinette Le Moine: Media manager
Manuella de Brondeau: Customer service
Gauthier de Vanssay: President and founder
Igor Montoussé du Lyon: Executive director and co-founder
Magali Teisseire: Fine Art expert (diploma of Commissaire-Priseur)
Raphaëlle Roux: Administrative Officer

Third row (from ledt to right, standing):
Aymeric Philipon: Marketing manager
Thibaut Nedellec: Programmer
Emmanuel Verhee: Programmer
Arnaud d’Ussel: Product owner
Charles Herbelot: Fine Art expert (diploma of Commissaire-Priseur)
Sophie Silberstein: Photographer
Lucia Mestre: Head of International and Expertise Department
Jessica Nusembaum: Consultant
Valle Serrano Rojas: Photographer

(Français) Livraison Express pour Noël en moins de 5 heures pour Paris et sa périphérie

Friday, December 21st, 2012

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