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(Français) Expertissim célèbre le dessin

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

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Why buy with Expertissim ?

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Buy appraised objects that are guaranteed by the best experts on the market.

The experts working within Expertissim were selected according to a criteria of seriousness, reputation and long, professional experience. Expertissim groups thirty-four, reputable and independent experts, a guarantee of excellence in the appraisal of art items. Each proposed object for sale has been duly selected by our experts. They describe, authenticate and estimate its value.

Buy at the best price within the expert’s value range.

The expert gives a maximum and minimum value for your item. During the duration of the sale (1-2 months) the bidding of the object lowers once a week, either four or eight decreases of equal value. Whatever the final purchasing bid, you are sure it is a fair price, in accordance with the bracket defined by the expert that corresponded to the market price.

Buy complete transparency and security.

With Expertissim there is no longer any need to be initiated into the intricate ways of traditional sales channel. In fact, the lowered price adjustments are automatic; it is continuous, regular and transparent. There is no bidding by paddle.