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At Expertissim…

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

At Expertissim, we accommodate with our sellers at the end of each sale week, no later than eight days after the initial sale of the object.

- With Expertissim, you have 35% chance of selling your item within the first week and 20% chance of selling it in less than one hour!

- With Expertissim, you can track an object and be informed of each price decrement 24 hours before its latest. You can also issue an alert for a given price at a given date.

- With Expertissim, there are no fees for the seller. Only a 50 € processing fee is charged if the item sells for over 1000 €. This is a comparable average with 15% of the traditional market.

- With Expertissim, you are guaranteed with the best professionals in the art market: 36 independent experts are at your disposal.

- With Expertissim, over 95% of the items for sale come from individuals.

- with Expertissim, we place objects for sell everyday ! No need to wait for a specific sale date like with an auction house…

- Expertissim also has an iPhone application and a site ready for the iPad.

- Expertissim carries the assurance of not making mistakes, it is an reasonable way to purchase and sell.

Gauthier de Vanssay & Igor Montoussé du Lyon