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“Major E-commerce site”, according to Challenges

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

Expertissim was selected among the top 100 French online shopping websites, according to the French business publication Challenges. Challenges sorted among 70,000 online shopping websites in France. The magazine chose 100 sites among all areas of e-commerce. Expertissim was acknowledged as the reference site for the art field. A distinction which we are proud of because it recognizes the seriousness and professionalism of our site, notably being available 24 hours a day worldwide.

Gauthier de Vanssay and Igor Montoussé de Lyon

CHALLENGES, No. 232, November 10-17, 2010.

“Soon 60 million online customers? Buying online is now for everyone and no sector escapes the phenomenon. Challenges made a selection among the 70 000 French commercial websites.

Not even strikes, gas shortages, or the holidays stop the flood of e-commerce. Every month, 300,000 people are discovering Internet shopping. This year, the web will break records. “We expect 23 billion euros in sales,” predicts Marc Lolivier, Delegate General Fédération du e-commerce et de la vente à distance (Federation of e-commerce and catalogue sales). The equivalent of annual revenues of a company like the retailer Auchan! [...].

ART. Reference:

Offer: Antiques and contemporary art objects and paintings

Payment: Credit Card, American Express, wire transfers

Shipping: Varies depending on the selected mode.

Gauthier de Vanssay, who was studying to be an auctioneer, majored theology and philosophy,   founded in 2008 with Igor Montoussé de Lyon, an independent expert for Christie’s. The site is the first in France to propose certified works and objects of art online with TRANSACTION guarantee. A firm selling, with no auction, which offers each month 150 new pieces of  jewelry, photographs, paintings, furniture and toys to its buyers. One quarter of sales are made on the very day the item is placed online “